About Us

Plant a Seed is about just that. We are aiming to plant a seed in the minds of children through our book series Oliver's travels, in the media through our PR crew and in a more practical sense, there are organic seeds being planted this very minute to fill pouches of Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits.

In New Hampshire we share offices with our friends at Little Duck Organics Inc.
Tel: 877-458-1321, Mob: 603-831-1226, Fax: 877-458-1321
One Phoenix Mill Lane
Suite 105
Peterborough, NH

We are also situated in Nybro, the glassblowing center of the universe near Kosta Boda and Orrefors, Sweden.

Plant a Seed
Box 52
382 40 Nybro


Helena McShane, Founder
Email: helena.mcshane@plantaseedpublishing.com

Frances Cederberg, Administration & Finances
Email: frances.cederberg@plantaseedpublishing.com

Anders Almgren, Publishing & Media
Email: Anders.almgren@plantaseedpublishing.com

Paul Geddes, Canadian Representative
Email: Paul.geddes@plantaseedpublishing.com

Mattias Peterberg, Illustrator & Webdesigner
Webpage: www.troll-konst.se
Email: info@troll-konst.se

For general inquiries please email: info@plantaseedpublishing.com